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What we do:

We compose a user-friendly, highly-accurate 3-dimensional computer layout of your building and/or property.
- You are provided with a Master Copy and Backup Copy on CD-ROM plus easy instructions for use.
- With a simple, free software download you may easily maneuver around, over and through your building layout.
- Share the layout with other key personnel by simply emailing the layout and brief instructions for use.
- Visualize color changes by "painting" your building within the program.
- Connect your computer to a large monitor or digital projector for group visual presentations.
- Take actual measurements on your computer.
- Click to find total square footage of an area or component such as stucco, wood, roofing, landscaping, etc.
- Models may be uploaded (by Client) to Google Earth.


Our clients continually devise new time-saving uses for these digital layouts. Here are several of the more popular examples:

Property Managers, Property Owners, Engineering Staff and Contractors:
- Allows management to quickly ascertain measurements and square foot totals of all exterior areas of property.
- User can show service personnel specific areas, from roof to landscaping, where attention is required.

- Invaluable to Contractors for assembling bids.  Calculate total area of walls, roofs, decks, ceilings and other components.  Pan around model to plan rigging drops.  Color code to show work progress, and much more.
- At Board and Association meetings, manager may display areas of the property being discussed.
- After hurricanes or other catastrophes, manager is able to color-code areas of the building and property and email the revised model to remote Board Members, insurance inspectors, etc.
- When obtaining bids for exterior coating, waterproofing, roofing, landscaping, etc. manager is able to keep bids on an "apples-to-apples" basis by publishing estimated square footage to be treated to bidders.
- Allows Managers, Owners, Engineering and Contractors to visualize architectural changes, color changes, etc.

Realtors & Property Developers:
- Allows Realtors to show perspective buyers actual layouts and physical sizes of properties.
- Minimizes "on-site" visits by better focusing on actual properties of interest to the client.
- Provides a digital scaled model for developers and development investors to better visualize concept structures.

A Brief Tutorial
Kiva Dunes Country Club & Condominiums, Gulf Shore, Alabama
A brief video tutorial depicting the model, program controls and taskbar. The toolbar allows the user to easily rotate the model 360 degrees, pan left, right, up and down, take measurements of specific components, automatically calculate total area of components, adjust colors and textures, etc.

Design downloaded from free website templates.